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Inspirational stories about our residents

One of the joys of being in the Aged Care industry is meeting wonderful people who have led amazing lives. In their lifetimes, they have seen the world move in a way that we can only reference in historical books; from a life where penicillin was still new and had only just started to save lives; where movies that had sound had become a global phenomenon; and space travel was still a distant dream.

And as with all of us, they have had their fair share of ordeals and hardship, but their lives have also been filled with successes, many magical moments and highlights. These precious reminiscences that our residents have shared are a glimpse into our history. At Sapphire, we felt that it was important that these stories did not go untold and so we have taken the liberty of recording some of their recollections for you read.

This book contains five individual stories, from six of our wonderful residents. We hope that you enjoy these stories and come to understand why we enjoy being part of our residents’ lives so much.

Warmest regards, Ernest Medina.

Ernest Medina Managing Director, Sapphire Care

George & Helen

“At the end, all you have are your friends, you don’t need your possessions or anything else, just friends.  Most of mine are gone, ... Read More


A life full of adventure, survival and invention is what makes Helmet so fascinating. One of the first bikers, he has ridden a motorbike ... Read More


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Refined, dignified, intelligent, witty and artistic are just some words that come to mind when thinking of Nell. Born in 1926 and hailing... Read More

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