Brand Guidelines

Sapphire Care Brand Guidelines

This is where you will find information on the Sapphire Care brand. We update this page regularly so all items you find here are current and can be used to promote Sapphire Care and its related brands.

Please note the following in relation to Sapphire Care branding:

  1. Any documents, publications, materials and digital information is to be approved by the Sapphire Care Marketing team prior to publication.
  2. Any items that carry the Sapphire Care brand (or that of a related Sapphire entity) must do so in accordance with our Brand Guidelines document. You can download this in PDF format here. Please read and adhere to the Brand Guidelines at all times.
  3. Sapphire Care has a number of related entities. Each has its own Brand Identity which should be used to promote that specific entity. The Sapphire Care brand suite includes: Sapphire Care, Sapphire Holdings Group, Sapphire Care International, Sapphire Care Foundation
  4. If you have any questions at any time in relation to the Sapphire Care brand suite, please contact us or call us on +61 3 9831 1600.


Please click on the brandmark below to be taken to the page with information and visual assets for each Sapphire Care entity: