Sapphire Care Foundation

Sapphire Care Foundation Brand Guidelines

If you need to produce brand and/or marketing materials for the Sapphire Care Foundation you can do so with the information on this page. To make sure you are in the right place, the Sapphire Care Foundation brandmark (or ‘logo’) looks like this:

How to use this page

1. Download and read the Sapphire Care Brand Guidelines document. This will show you how to use the various brand elements and provide the rules for doing so.

2. Download the files you require to undertake your work. These are located in a zipped folder below.

3. Before publication, please ensure that any and all work is APPROVED by the Sapphire Care Marketing Team:

Email: | Telephone: 03 9831 1600
Files you will need

Sapphire Care Style Guide. This document provides all the ‘rules’ for working with the Sapphire brand and must be adhered to at all times.

Click here to download: Sapphire_Care_Style_Guide


Single png brandmark for Sapphire Care Foundation. This can be used for basic purposes such as adding to a Powerpoint presentation or placing in a word document.

Click here to download: Sapphire_Care_Foundation_rgb.png


Full brandmark (or ‘logo’) suite for the Sapphire Care Foundation brand.

Click here to download: Sapphire_Care_Foundation_Brandmark_Suite