The Centenarian Project’s 100 exhibition

One of our Westgarth residents was recently selected for the Centenarian Project's 100 exhibition.

100 is an art exhibition profiling Melbourne´s centenarians through portraits created by skilled young artists.

This project is about bringing generations together outside the typical family unit, celebrating elders from the community and creating a fun platform for inter-generational exchange.

Each centenarian is partnered with a teenage artist from the local area. Over several visits, the centenarian and teenage artist share time together, drinking tea and getting to know each another. Sketches and reference photos are created and a portrait is made. This delightful process offers hope, joy and inspiration. 100 has engaged 200 participants from 70 Melbourne suburbs, 63 secondary schools and 87 nursing homes.

Caitlin Miric, 17, is putting the finishing touches on her portrait of 102-year-old Westgarth resident Phyllis Walker.

“She showed me that you can be 102 years old and still be so full of life and joy for your family,” Miric said. Ms Walker enjoyed the experience but remained a shy subject.

“Why paint me? I’m not a picture… but I am curious how it will look when it’s finished,” she said. Ms Walker, who doesn’t drink or smoke, put her longevity down to an active life.

“Playing football with my brothers in the backyard, having a good sense of humour and loving sport,” she said.

For the teenage artists, it is an opportunity to meet a centenarian often for the first time and create a portrait. For the centenarians, it is a chance to share history. For both generations, it offers a memorable experience exchanging perspectives.

All portraits will be gifted to the centenarians and their families at the close of the exhibition. The 100 exhibition runs from October 4-7 at The Stables, 2 Wreckyn St, North Melbourne.