Where is aged care headed in 2017?

The aged care segment has grown substantially in the last decade and shows no signs of slowing down. With advances in health care and living conditions Australians are living longer than ever before. This means that in generations to come there will be a much larger proportion of older Australians in need of care.

With such high levels of demand new aged care options are appearing every day, this means the industry has become even more competitive with operators all trying to provide better services and attract high quality staff.

Sapphire Care has been at the forefront of the move towards high quality, premium aged care residences. The company was founded in 2003, with the objective of changing the way in which the Aged Care industry was viewed and operated. Starting with just one residence the company has now grown into one of the most successful and highly regarded Aged Care operators in Victoria.

Many premium residences are now offering:

Multiple sites with consistent standards of care - With qualified and experienced staff and high quality, premium locations these businesses are changing people’s perception of aged care. Many larger businesses control multiple locations catering for a wide range of care needs. This ensures that levels of service and high quality standards are consistent across all sites.

Ongoing wellness and exercise programs - Several aged care businesses (including Sapphire Care) are now employing full time physiotherapists and occupational therapists as part of in house wellness program. This gives residents access to daily exercise and rehabilitation sessions to ensure they maintain strength and mobility. Daily group exercise sessions are usually held as well to allows residents to stay fit and socialize regularly.

Modern technology and improved communication - Residences are moving in to the 21st century with wireless internet, flat screen televisions and innovative ways for residents to stay in contact with their loved ones. Many residents are now using skype or facetime to stay in contact with family when it’s not possible for them to be there in person.

Chef prepared meals and premium dining experiences - Most high quality residences have in house chefs preparing fresh food daily for residents to specifically match their dietary requirements. Many of these meals have been specifically designed by dieticians to ensure all residents needs are being met.

To further improve the quality their service Sapphire Care has recently announced a merger with Blue Cross Community and Residential Services. This makes the group one of the biggest aged care providers in Victoria with over 33 locations as well as a home care program.

Over the next decade we will see the level of services and amenities at aged care residences increase even further as the market becomes even more competitive. Aged care will no longer have the stigma attached that it once did as operators that are not up to standard will be pushed out by professional organizations with premium residences and exceptional care.