September 8th is World Physiotherapy Day

Each year, on 8 September, we celebrate World Physiotherapy Day—a global event recognising the incredible role physiotherapists play in the community and the relationships they have with their patients.

Physiotherapists are health professionals who have a key role in helping people with long-term conditions achieve their goals, fulfil their potential and participate fully in society. They work with people to maximise movement and functional ability.

The overarching theme for World Physical Therapy Day each year is Movement for Health. This year, the suggested message is “Physical activity for life”, highlighting the important role that physical therapists play in healthy ageing.

The Sapphire Care physiotherapy team plays an important role in residents lives. They keep our residents feeling on top of the world and assist in maintaining and improving their quality of life whether it is helping them walk, providing them with exercises, equipment or advice, or simply offering them a smile and a warm drink.

In celebrating the contribution of Australian physios, APA National President Phil Calvert said, “We all know that physical activity is important to long term health, but for those Australians who struggle with illness, pain or disability, it can be difficult. Seeing a physio to assess and treat your specific health needs will help you get up and moving, and aid your long term wellbeing.

“In an ageing population such as ours, staying active generally means staying well. Physios don’t just help you rehab from sports or musculoskeletal injuries. They work across a range of health areas, from young children with disabilities, through to people recovering from surgery, cancer and stroke, and with older Australians who want to maintain their independence and mobility as they age.”

This year, World Physiotherapy Day falls within National Stroke Week (4 – 10 September). Early intervention specialist physio treatment is vital for optimal post-stroke recovery, with research data showing early and frequent mobilisation – including sitting out of bed, standing and walking – improves functional outcomes for stroke survivors.

Sapphire Care would like to thank our physiotherapy team for the difference you make in the lives of our residents, families and staff. Without their combined efforts we could never achieve the level of personalised care we currently offer.